I am trying to set the allocation size and initial value of a sequence using the IDENTITY strategy for PostgreSQL. This doesn't produce the SQL I expected, changing the strategy to SEQUENCE works however. Is this intended?

        type: integer
        id: true
            strategy: IDENTITY
            sequenceName: table_id_seq
            allocationSize: 10
            initialValue: 100000
  • I believe allocationSize is irrelevant when using IDENTITY as there are no nextval() requests when INSERTing rows. However I'd still like to set the initial sequence value when creating the table. – shapeshifter Feb 25 '15 at 4:28

Doctrine initializes the ID generator strategy in Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\ClassMetadataFactory. There is a big switch statement in the factory, switching the <STRATEGY_NAME> you provide in your YAML configuration:

    strategy: <STRATEGY_NAME>

The selected strategy then fetches further optional parameters from your configuration.

All available strategies are listed in the Doctrine Manual. The options for the Sequence Generator strategy are detailed in the following subsection.

Judging from your configuration, you are currently setting the parameters for the Sequence Generator strategy, while telling Doctrine to use the Identifier strategy. Maybe this is the unexpected behavior you are experiencing?

You may read the source code of the respective factory lines to clarify your expectations.


So, use only with @GeneratedValue(strategy=”SEQUENCE”).

For use with @GeneratedValue(strategy=”SEQUENCE”) this annotation allows to specify details about the sequence, such as the increment size and initial values of the sequence.

other doctrine documentation

config example:

  type: entity
      type: integer
        strategy: SEQUENCE
        sequenceName: message_seq
        allocationSize: 100
        initialValue: 1

look documentation

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