I'm trying to logging security based on spring-security-rest plugin in Grails. For log in, i have no problem, but when i try to log out, i can't log it out in any way and any method i found in stackoverflow like implementing LogoutHandler or ApplicationListener<SessionDestroyedEvent> not help either...

here's part of my code

class SecurityLogger implements ApplicationListener<SessionDestroyedEvent>, LogoutHandler {

void onApplicationEvent(SessionDestroyedEvent event) {
    println 'LOGGED OUT!!!'

void logout(HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse, Authentication authentication) {
    println 'LOGGED OUT!!!'

my resource.groovy

beans = {

and my config.groovy

grails.plugin.springsecurity.useSecurityEventListener = true
grails.plugin.springsecurity.logout.handlerNames =

How can i get the log for log out and session expired in Grails spring security rest? Thanks in advance :)

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