I'm trying to use html() to read in the content between two tags. Note the content itself may include tags nested inside. I have tried html(), innerHTML, clone() and all of them have the same problem ... if I try to read in something like

<p id="firstnote>Today is <h1>Monday</h1>. Someone has a case of the

It should read into a string

var string = "Today is <h1>Monday</h1>. Someone has a case of the Mondays."

including the h1 tag. What I get is "Today is "

It's not even an issue with a child element (I don't think) because it won't return the ". Someone has a case of the Mondays." part.

I've tried the trick of creating a temporary div and appending but I get the same problem - ultimately extracting out the code between the tags ignores everything including and after the initial inline < Here is the js

function parseblog () {
var blogarray = ["", "", "", ""];

$.get('blogtest.html', function(data) {
//Read blogs into array
blogarray[0] = $(data).find('#notes').html();
blogarray[1] = $(data).find('#firstblog').html();
blogarray[2] = $(data).find('#secondblog').html();
blogarray[3] = $(data).find('#thirdblog').html();


The HTML for testing

<div id="blog">
<h1 id="notes">Notes</h1>
<p id="firstblog">Monday February 23, 2015<h2>10:56am</h2>Another try</p>
<p id="secondblog">Hello World!</p>
<p id="thirdblog"></p>

The first alert gives me Notes. The second alert gives me Monday February 23, 2015


Headers inside paragraphs is invalid. Your HTML is being parsed as such:

<p id="firstnote">Today is </p>
. Someone has a case of the Mondays.

(each line is its own node)

Then, jQuery's .html() only returns the HTML of the first element in the matched set. In this case, that's the first <p>.


You have invalid HTML. You can not have a h# tag inside of a paragraph element. The browser will change the HTML so it is valid. When it encounters the H2, it closes the paragraph tag.

Description From MDN:

The start tag is mandatory. The end tag may be omitted if the <p> element is immediately followed by an <address>, <article>, <aside>, <blockquote>, <div>, <dl>, <fieldset>, <footer>, <form>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <header>, <hr>, <menu>, <nav>, <ol>, <pre>, <section>, <table>, <ul> or another <p> element, or if there is no more content in the parent element and the parent element is not an <a> element.

Paragraphs can only contain phrasing content.


You have a headline tag inside a paragraph tag. Here's how I might write your test code. It adds a few more tags so the code is a bit more legible:

<div id="blog">
<h1 id="notes">Notes</h1>
<div id="firstblog">
<p class="date">Monday February 23, 2015</p>
<p class="content">Another try</p>
</div> <!-- End of "firstblog" tag -->

<p id="secondblog">Hello World!</p>
<p id="thirdblog"></p>
</div> <!-- end of "blog" tag -->

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