I have a problem, i need create 3 type of users with devise. these users have different fields. I thought about creating a table but would have many blank fields.

any recommendations? I'm very confused. I need a tutorial :)

Thanks friends.


You are looking for something called Single Table Inheritance. Basically you create one user model with devise which has a column "type" which is a string and you create sub models, like

class Admin < User end

Class CMS < User


Also, put all the common attributes in the User model

Look at these links for an in-depth explanation. STI is the solution. That much is sure


devise and multiple "user" models

Unique IDs between Users and Admins with Devise Rails

Rails 4 Devise Multiple User Models STI

Stackoverflow ppl has already dealt with STI extensively!

Hope these helps!


Use STI mechanism... or you can separate all tables with use of devise

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