I was trying to create a pie chart in Kibana 4 dashboard. And I was trying for a split slice one. But when I select the field type,I get the following error: "Pie chart response converter:Splitting charts without splitting sliced is not supported.Pretend that we are just splitting slices". Why is this error?.

This is the screenshot of the above error. I have marked it with a yellow rectangle and numbered it as 1. !http://i.imgur.com/olZJnCh.png?1


If you want to do a "split slice " operation on a pie chart,first you need to create a pie chart with slices.Here from what I understand,you tried to give the option "split chart" first,which actually is to make differrent pie charts,in the same row or column,which needs more than one pie-chart. This also requires pie-charts (with slices) to be created first. So you need to create pie-charts and then only you can use "split chart". i In the figures below,the first one shows an ordinary pie-chart created by "split-slice" and the second one shows five pie charts stacked horizontally using the "split chart" method. enter image description here enter image description here

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I think this is because you chose "Split Chart" and what you want to do is "Split Slice". So, just choose "Splice Slice" and everything should work fine.

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  • K..seems the problem is now solved. But is "split slice" an option for dividing the slices again?. – Arun Mohan Feb 24 '15 at 11:38
  • Yes, you can divide slices again and again, for example. Split slice is for dividing your slice again and again, while spliting chart is to produce different pie charts based on different Terms for example. Hope it will be clear. – Kuaaaly Feb 24 '15 at 12:29

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