I have an application connected to Firebase and displayed with an ng-repeat, see code below. The connection works and displays, but the description item has a \n inline to create separate paragraphs, which unfortunately is being stripped out and the paragraphs simple print to page as one big paragraph. I am currently using Angular 1.3.8. I've tried ngSanitize and its either not working or I am using it incorrectly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    <tr ng-repeat="m in members | orderBy:'company' | filter:query">
        <td style="width:250px"><b>{{ m.company }}</b>
            <br>{{ m.address }}
            <br>{{ m.address2 }}
            <br><a href="{{ m.url }}" target="_blank">{{ m.url }}</a>
            <br>{{ m.name }}
            <br><em>{{ m.title }}</em>
            <br>{{ m.phone }}
            <br><a mailto="{{ m.email }}">{{ m.email }}</a>
        <td>{{ m.description }}</td>
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    You should begin with formatting your code sample – Eric Herlitz Feb 24 '15 at 20:46
  • What do you want instead of these \n? New blocks or display all inline and simply remove the \n characters? – floribon Feb 24 '15 at 20:49

HTML ignores line breaks when it comes to formatting. You would need to either replace the line breaks with <br> elements or set white-space to pre, pre-wrap or pre-line in your CSS.

Try editing the description part like this:


<td class="description">{{ m.description }}</td>


.description {
  white-space: pre-line;

This will keep any line breaks in m.description in the HTML formatting.

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  • Adding <br> in Firebase will literally display <br> in the description. Tried the white-space idea, but no dice. Thank you for your help. – Studio Rooster Feb 24 '15 at 21:05

You can simply remove the extra characters using, let's call it trim in your HTML:

{{ trim(m.description) }}

And code:

$scope.trim = function(text) {
  return text.replace(/\n/g, ' ');
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