I am running an Ansible play and would like to list all the hosts targeted by it. Ansible docs mentions that this is possible, but their method doesn't seem to work with a complex targeted group (targeting like hosts: web_servers:&data_center_primary)

I'm sure this is doable, but cant seem to find any further documentation on it. Is there a var with all the currently targeted hosts?

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    Not sure to which section you're referring to in the docs. (maybe wrong link?) - If you didn't mean/know it, you can use the switch --list-hosts to only list hosts a playbook would affect.
    – udondan
    Feb 25 '15 at 1:54
  • --list-hosts is the data I want, but for a specific play, with different targeting than the overall input
    – xabram
    Feb 25 '15 at 23:17

You are looking for 'play_hosts' variable

- hosts: all

    - name: Create a group of all hosts by app_type
      group_by: key={{app_type}}

    - debug: msg="groups={{groups}}"
      run_once: true

- hosts: web:&some_other_group

   - debug: msg="play_hosts={{play_hosts}}"
     run_once: true

would result in

TASK: [Create a group of all hosts by app_type] *******************************
changed: [web1] => {"changed": true, "groups": {"web": ["web1", "web2"], "load_balancer": ["web3"]}}

TASK: [debug msg="play_hosts={{play_hosts}}"] *********************************
ok: [web1] => {
    "msg": "play_hosts=['web1']"


web1 app_type=web
web2 app_type=web
web3 app_type=load_balancer


You can use the option --list-hosts to only list hosts a playbook would affect.

Also, there is the dict hostvars which holds all hosts currently known to Ansible. But I think the setup module had to be run on all hosts, so you can not skip that step via gather_facts: no.

  • --check is handy too. Neither of them (list-hosts, check) is perfect, but it's nice to know about them.
    – tedder42
    Feb 25 '15 at 2:14
  • to list all hosts from the command I need to know what was the --limit value in ad_hoc, is there any way to get it? --list-hosts is giving result to console, but i need to handle result in last task of the last playbook
    – SimonZen
    Mar 19 '21 at 7:35

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