Language FAQ says

import scala.collection.mutable.{_, Map => _, Set => _}

should import all classes from package scala.collection.mutable, except Map and Set. But it gives me this error:

error: '}' expected but ',' found.
       import scala.collection.mutable.{_, Map => _, Set => _}

Is there still a way to do this?


The _ has to be put at the end - not at the beginning:

Exclude Map and Set from the import

import scala.collection.mutable.{Map => _, Set => _, _}

Exclude Set and rename Map to ScalaMutableMap

import scala.collection.mutable.{Map=>ScalaMutableMap, Set => _, _}

See the detailed info in Scala Refererence, page 50, paragraph 4.7

  • "This is useful if there is a final wildcard in the same import selector list, which imports all members not mentioned in previous import selectors." – Brent Faust Feb 6 '15 at 18:23

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