(This is a question I would normally be able to ask the creators this wordpress theme, except that it's for a site I made long ago that was abandoned by the client...who has now reappeared and asked for some customisations! I'm no longer eligible for theme support so... hope you can help! Thanks!)

I have a nav bar that had a search form build in. I'm trying to remove the search bar so the menu runs the whole way across.

Here's the CSS for the nav area.


Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!

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    CSS is useless with the associated HTML. – Paulie_D Feb 25 '15 at 17:32
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    Can't say for sure without seeing the HTML, but I suspect .quick-search form { display:none} will remove the form. This is not the best way of doing it though - you would be better editing header.php to remove the search form from the rendered view altogether. – Simon Mason Feb 25 '15 at 17:35

Remove everything related to the search and put this

.nav-bar {width: 100%;}

In case the client wants search back I would use .quick-search {display: none;} and .nav-bar: width: 100% !important

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