In the amazon EC2 instance, i have set the set the inbound/outbound of security group to MY-IP address.

When i try to install the mysql client or some other software, its saying connection timeout.

But when i make the inbound/outbound to anywhere ie, then i am able to install the software.

But i don't want to expose the EC2 instance requests to everyone.

How to connect to Internet and install the software with restricted security groups. Please can u help out on this.


To be able to access Internet freely, you should allow outgoing network traffic.

To do so, create an outbound rule for all traffic to in your EC2 Security Group. This is a default setting with EC2 and it shouldn't be a security concern.

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  • When i restrict the IP address in inbound security group, my application runs dead slow, because of this i get connection time out. When i remove the IP address restriction, the application works fine. Can please some one help me on this. – bpetlur Mar 1 '15 at 12:46
  • Hi Basu, please create a new Question as it's a different problem – PJ Bergeron Mar 1 '15 at 13:55

In Security group, Set the outbound traffic to the below

Protocol      Port Range  Source  
All Traffic   All  All
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