I am running the EF migrations from the command prompt.

I am getting the error message as "system.invalidoperationexception: A relational store has been configured without specifying either the DbConnection or connection string to use.

I am following on View components and Inject in ASP.NET MVC 6

Run EF migrations

In an administrator command window, change the directory to the project directory. The project directory contains the project.json file. In a command prompt, run the following:

k ef migration add initial 
k ef migration apply

Take a look at this similar question and ensure that your config file has the connection strings.

Also, I noticed this error in beta3 during migration only, and updated the OnConfiguring method in my DbContext to specify the connection string as well.

protected override void OnConfiguring(DbContextOptions options)
  • I'm using UseSqlServer, and I cannot specify just the config key. It requires the actual connection string. – Chris Dwyer Mar 18 '15 at 17:02

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