I was wondering if it's possible in Waterline to define models or get a model by name like in Node-ORM2.


var Person = db.define("person", {
    name      : String,
    surname   : String,
    age       : Number, // FLOAT
    male      : Boolean,
    continent : [ "Europe", "America", "Asia", "Africa", "Australia", "Antartica" ], // ENUM type
    photo     : Buffer, // BLOB/BINARY
    data      : Object // JSON encoded
}, {
    methods: {
        fullName: function () {
            return this.name + ' ' + this.surname;
    validations: {
        age: orm.enforce.ranges.number(18, undefined, "under-age")


var MyPersonModel = db.models["person"];



Sails exposes your models on the sails.models object, so the following will work:

var MyPersonModel = sails.models['person'];

If you want to access your model off of the global object:

var MyPersonModel = global['Person'];

The sails object is also available as a property of the http request object, so in any route, you can do:

var MyPersonModel = req._sails.models['person'];

In fact, if you want to exclusively access models via sails.models or req._sails.models and you don't want sails to export your models as properties of the global object, you can set the configuration globals.models = false.


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