A list of emoticons with their image, character identifier and name.

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Found this after a lot of efforts, so I thought I should put it up somewhere more accessible. http://blog.csdn.net/lyq8479/article/details/9229631

This site although, has given images and not the actual spread sheet, which would have been much helpful. If anyone has a better source, please share.


Billy 仇英华 (@qiuyinghua) has put all 105 original Wechat / QQ emoticons into a Github repository:

  • individual PNG images (60px²)
  • PNG spritesheet
  • /: code to name mapping (JSON)
  • Sketch source

Wechat emoticon spritesheet

Be aware that some of them are commonly not used in Chinese as Westerners would expect.

PS: Wechat has added additional emojis in the meantime. The GitHub repository has not been updated to reflect that yet. Also, at least the Commando (Soldier) emoji has been changed to not show a cigar anymore.

The most important 2016 additions.

PPS: You can extract the files yourself from the .apk (Andtoid app package). I have done it for you with a preview or directly in a Github repo.


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