Is it possible to unzip .ZIP file using .BAT command on Windows XP? we have file.zip how to create a .BAT commands file to unzip\unpack it to some folder. USING ONLY NATIVE WINDOWS XP programms and commands.

So.. How to do such thing? (code example, please)



But it involves using "scripting" and the use of System.FileSystemObject (a good keyword). You should be able to use cscript/WSH which can run VBScript or JScript (WSH 5.6 comes with XP). The general idea is here. There are some other interesting "issues" with this approach though; the operations runs asynchronously and the compression dialog box may appear -- but it can be done using standard XP tools.

I would recommend downloading 7-zip. It is a 200~400k standalone command-line executable (depending on version), but it requires an initial "install" to grab the executable first. You don't need the GUI to run 7-zip.

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    I tried to use this solution (years ago), but the dialogs popping up (progress bar, blocking error messages) were just annoying. Command line utility is definitely the way to go. – devio May 20 '10 at 16:16
  • Do you have XP? can you test this stackoverflow.com/questions/2874387/… one? – Rella May 20 '10 at 16:21
  • @Ole Jak No XP now. I have done this years ago on XP/2k systems and more recently on Windows 7 with PowerShell (I don't know what I was thinking). See what devio said as it does apply -- and hence the recommendation to get a real utility. Happy ... coding? – user166390 May 20 '10 at 16:29

Short answer: No. Explanation: https://serverfault.com/questions/39071/does-windows-have-a-built-in-zip-command-for-the-command-line


No, there is no command line support for the native zip/unzip library that comes with windows XP. The only solution would be to use a uncompressing library.

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