This is a basic DOSBox program that when executed will flip the screen from left to right. The program works fine. The only problem I am having is I am supposed to make all non-alphabetic characters be red on white. I don't have any trouble changing the color of non-alphabetic characters but I do not know the combination for binary red on white. I thought it was 11111100b but this makes the color red on grey and the characters blink on and off. Probably something very simple but I can't figure it out. Any suggestions?

        ASSUME CS:MyCode, DS:MyData   

MainProg  PROC                

    MOV     AX, MyData             
    MOV     DS, AX                 
    MOV     AX, 0B800h         
    MOV     ES, AX

    MOV BX, (25 * 160)                  ;BX contains value that equals row 25, column 0


      SUB BX, 160                       ;Selects next row
      CALL flipRow                      ;Flips that row

      CMP BX, 0                         ;Have all rows been flipped?
    JNE loop25                          ;if not, repeat

    MOV     AH, 4Ch                
    INT     21h                   

MainProg ENDP  

flipRow  PROC                           ;PROC will flip each rown on verticle axis

    MOV DI, BX                          ;Puts row, column 0 in DI
    ADD DI, 158                         ;Adds 158 to DI to select right most character
    MOV SI, BX                          ;Puts row, column 0 in SI

 loopRow:                               ;loop until row is finished flipping

    MOV AX, ES: [DI]                    ;AX points to right most character
    MOV CX, ES: [SI]                    ;CX points to left most character
    MOV ES: [DI], CX                    ;Put left most character into right most place
  CMP CL, 65                                 
  JL thenPart
  CMP CL, 91
  JL next
  CMP CL, 97
  JL thenPart                            ;Is the character Alphebetic? If not, color red on white
  CMP CL, 123                  
  JL next
  CMP CL, 122
  JG next
    MOV ES: [DI + 1], BYTE PTR 00FCh
    MOV ES: [SI], AX                     ;Put right most character in left most place
  CMP AL, 66                                
  JL then2
  CMP AL, 91
  JL next2
  CMP AL, 97
  JL then2                               ;Is the character Alphabetic? If not, color red on white
  CMP AL, 123
  JL next2
  CMP AL, 122
  JG next2
    MOV ES: [SI + 1], BYTE PTR 01111100b
    DEC DI
    DEC DI                               ;Move in left
    INC SI
    INC SI                               ;Move in right

  CMP SI, DI                             ;Is the row completely flipped? 
  JL loopRow                             ;If not, repeat
flipRow ENDP                 

MyCode ENDS                       
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    By default text mode is typically set up to use the most significant bit for blink and not part of the background color. You can change it using int 10h function 1003h
    – Jester
    Feb 27 '15 at 2:08

The CGA/EGA/VGA screen adapter for which this color system was designed, had two distinctive text color modes.

In its default mode, the foreground color has a 'bright' bit -- the 3rd bit, where 2-1-0 are for RGB --, but this same bit in the 'background' part is 'blink'. So effectively you cannot have a 'bright' background.

The default setting can be changed with a low-level VIDEO interrupt:

   AX = 1003h (operation code)
   BL = 00h (enable bold background)
or BL = 01h (enable blinking)
   INT 10h (execute operation)

(Ancient memory jogged ctsy. of http://webpages.charter.net/danrollins/techhelp/0140.HTM.)

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