I am attempting to typecast some data from int32 to single. I first tried using the 'Data Type Conversion' block with single output data type and the Stored Integer option. However, I found that the datatype conversion block is not typecasting the data the way I expect it to. Am I using the block incorrectly, or is it failing to work as it should?

temp1 (pre conversion): uint32: 1405695244 single: 1728356810752.000000 binary: 01010011110010010011010100001100

temp2 (post conversion): uint32: 1319604842 single: 1405695232.000000 binary: 01001110101001111001001001101010

By the way, I have gotten around the issue by using an embedded Matlab block to perform the typecasting operation.

  • What version of MATLAB/Simulink are you using? – MikeT May 20 '10 at 23:17

"Convert" block crop the number. I would suggest to use Matlab Embedded function with "typecast".

function out_single = typecasting(in_uint32)

out_single = typecast(in_uint32, 'single');

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