In the file main.php at views/layouts/main.php, I want to add few classes to the body tag and add css class 'active' to the navigation bar items according to the view being displayed. Is there any way I can get action id in main.php?

I hope that html is not req


In a layout you can access the current controller via $this->context, and so the current action id by $this->context->action->id


Or you can use:

Yii::$app->controller->id // get controller name

to access the controller, and:

Yii::$app->controller->action->id // get action name

for getting the current action id. But put this directive at the top of file:

use Yii;  
  • Are you sure that it is for Yii2? – Omar Tariq Aug 4 '15 at 5:24

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