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How can I set this in another language, ie:. French

I've tried:

var RecaptchaOptions = {
     lang : 'fr',

Found above here

Which does nothing.

I couldn't find relevant info under API Reference -> Version 2 on Google Docs for reCAPTCHA

Additional information:

I'm using this on rails, with gem "recaptcha" Found here


You just need to specify the parameter "?hl=" in the script's url:

<script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?hl=fr'></script>

Not very well documented, indeed!

find your language code here: https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/language


If you are using the recaptcha gem you need to provide the hl param in recaptcha_tags.


<%= recaptcha_tags ssl: true, hl: 'it', display: { theme: 'white' } %>
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    Thanks! Neither well documented on the gem
    – Jorge
    Nov 21 '15 at 21:48

Simple solution

You can do it like this:


<div id="captcha_container"></div>
<select id="ddllanguageListsGoogleCaptcha"></select>


// Update language captcha 
function updateGoogleCaptchaLanguage(selectedLanguage) {

    // Get GoogleCaptcha iframe
    var iframeGoogleCaptcha = $('#captcha_container').find('iframe');

    // Get language code from iframe
    var language = iframeGoogleCaptcha.attr("src").match(/hl=(.*?)&/).pop();

    // Get selected language code from drop down
    var selectedLanguage = $('#ddllanguageListsGoogleCaptcha').val();

    // Check if language code of element is not equal by selected language, we need to set new language code
    if (language !== selectedLanguage) {
        // For setting new language 
        iframeGoogleCaptcha.attr("src", iframeGoogleCaptcha.attr("src").replace(/hl=(.*?)&/, 'hl=' + selectedLanguage + '&'));

Online demo (jsFiddle)


Yes, the "hl=language code" approach works well. The catch, of course, is to do this to EVERY instance of <script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js'></script> on the page - both the one in the page head AND the one in the body. Only putting hl=... in the body leads to inconsistent results.


Thank you @ali-soltani for snipped! Did the thing! :)

I am providing my "vanilla" version for those who do not use jQuery, to save the few strikes.

    function setCaptchaLang(lang) {

      const container = document.getElementById('captcha_container');

      // Get GoogleCaptcha iframe
      const iframeGoogleCaptcha = container.querySelector('iframe');

      // Get language code from iframe
      const actualLang = iframeGoogleCaptcha.getAttribute("src").match(/hl=(.*?)&/).pop();

      // For setting new language
      if (actualLang !== lang) {
        iframeGoogleCaptcha.setAttribute("src", iframeGoogleCaptcha.getAttribute("src").replace(/hl=(.*?)&/, 'hl=' + lang + '&'));

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