I am new to WSO2 Identity Server and I'm using the APIs from UserStoreManager. I want to let a super admin be able to add a tenant remotely but I cannot seem to find an addTenant API. Also, I want to make admin/user of one tenant to be added as admin/user of another tenant instead of creating a new username everytime. I cannot figure out how to do so. What is the correct way to go forward with this? TIA!


For your first requirement you can use the registerTenant method in TenantMgtService Web Service.

The second requirement is not supported out of the box. It can be achieved by having a flat user structure in the LDAP. The flat user sructure will be as follows; All the users of tenants will be in a single OU called Users. Tenant OU will only have Groups (which are roles in the sense of Carbon Servers)

|  |--admin
|  |--user1
|  |--user2
|  |...    
|  |--OU=Groups
|  |  |...
| ... 

For the above you will have to write your own Tenant manager, Realm Configuration Bulder and a User Store Manager.

  • Thanks! This was helpful. – Nipurn Doshi Mar 3 '15 at 18:13

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