I develop a simple blog site. There is a list of posts with "view post" button and "remove post" check-box below each post on my page. Also there is a "delete checked posts" at the bottom of the page. I'd like to send to a server a particular id when the "view post" is pressed and to send a list of ids when the "delete checked posts" button pressed. The problem is that I need nested forms for this, but they are not allowed.

How to overcome this?

I'm thinking of having a form for each post and on "delete checked posts" submit all checked forms via javascript.

Is it a good approach? Thanks in advance)

  • To be clear: there is no such thing as nested forms in HTML. However, it sounds like what you want to do is have different actions be taken, i.e. a form with different submit buttons. Just give each submit button the same name and a different value, then check the posted value when handling the form as Quentin says. The rest of the data in the form will be submitted as well. – Mala Feb 27 '15 at 23:29

Put appropriate data in the submit buttons:

<button type="submit"
        View Post

<button type="submit"
        Delete checked posts

Test to see which of the two submit button names appears in the submitted data. If it is view_post then ignore the checkbox data and just view the post. Otherwise, loop over the checkbox values and delete away.

  • Thanks for reply) But is it a good solution? What if I'd like to pass one more parameter except id on "view_post". I guess I won't be able to put 2 parameters in the value attribute – StasKolodyuk Feb 27 '15 at 23:10
  • Yes, it is a good solution. What other parameter would you want to pass? Isn't it something you can infer from the identifier for the post? – Quentin Feb 27 '15 at 23:41

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