I'm trying to use a dropdown in a PhoneGap app I'm writing. It uses a simple <select>:

  <option value="1">First</option>
  <option value="2">Second</option>

This works fine on Android and the iPhone (including behaving like a native drop-down would on those systems). However, it doesn't appear to work on webOS (neither the Palm Pre itself nor the emulator).

The <select> displays properly on the screen, but when I tap on it, nothing happens--I'm not able to make a selection from the dropdown.

Why might this be?


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Just did some testing ... looks like its not a PhoneGap limitation, but in fact a webOS limitation -- webOS doesn't support select tags (wtf!). So this is a significant discovery ... I wonder what other tags are unsupported.

So will have to start investigating options for this. A script which replaces tags with Mojo list selector widgets is a thought ... but there may be some hurdles here.

Stay tuned to the phonegap.com blog roll for updates as we look into this.

  • That's odd. Select tags work fine in HTML in the web browser. Thanks for your research! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
    – Steve Nay
    May 25, 2010 at 22:07

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