Recently I tried to update admob SDK(iOS) to the latest version(7.0.0)

I have trouble importing the framework. enter image description here

It keeps giving me this error "GoogleMobileAds/GoogleMobileAds.h" file not found

I removed the old admob sdk and imported the framework manually.

enter image description here

I've tried

  • restart xcode
  • cleaning the project (command + shift + k)
  • remove the framework and add it again

No luck, any ideas to solve this? thanks.


Answer is to change the 'Framework Search Paths' build setting to the folder where your 'GoogleMobileAds.framework' is located.

Full steps I did to solve:

  • Remove references to the framework from project navigator

  • Click on your project in the project navigator, then on your project under 'TARGETS', then click 'Build Phases'

  • Expand 'Link Binary With Libraries'

  • Select 'GoogleMobileAds.framework' and click the '-' (if it's there)

  • Click the '+'

  • Click 'Add Other...', find and select 'GoogleMobileAds.framework' and click 'Open'

  • The google ads framework should now be in the list

  • Click 'Build Settings'

  • Change 'Framework Search Paths' to the folder where your 'GoogleMobileAds.framework' is located

  • Clean and re-build project


Right click on framework --> show in finder --> Delete framework from that place.--> go to the project and see at your framework place , its in red color .

Again right click on that and delete it. Again run project and save project . i know the build not successful.

Again add the framework and then run before that clean your project.


In Xcode Settings, change below settings

Enable Modules (C and Objective-C)   YES

enter image description here


don't drag framework in your project.. just only copy past in your project folder and add files TO in your project..

i think it'enter image description heres 100% working.

  • Hello @Ankit, you suggest to not add framework and only add header files right – Ranjit Apr 7 '15 at 7:15

Looks like they have some specific dependences and must be added to folder where is located .xcodeproj

smth like this

this is actual for modul import and without pods: @import GoogleMobileAds;


I have tried to put the GoogleMobileAds.framework\Versions\A\Headersfolder to GoogleMobileAds.framework folder and it worked for me.

Then, in framework you can see

You must delete Header file first. It's already here in GoogleMobileAds.framework folder.
And useGoogleMobileAds.framework\Versions\A\GoogleMobileAds replace GoogleMobileAds.framework\GoogleMobileAds


I am manually dragging the AdMob SDK into my project and was getting this error. Ultimately what worked was I dragged the SDK files into my projects folder on the computer (for me it was: Users/aaronfrom/documents/projectname) when asked to replace files I said yes. It then worked. I think that this is where my framework search path was directed towares and I needed to update the files in the project folder on my computer, it had nothing to do with settings in Xcode.

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