I've trying to do a setup, where I use Travis CI (http://www.travis-ci.org) to build and test my program each time I commit to GitHub. My GitHub setup is to have a master and a slave/test branch, which I commit to before merging into master. However, as of right now I'm doing the merging manually on GitHub.com, which I could like to automate, such that when a build is successful on Travis, I want to merge my slave/test branch into the master right away. Does anybody know how this is possible on Travis CI or another way of achieving this with Travis?

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You can prepare script which will use for merge your branches. Travis set some useful environment variables which you can use in your script.

Merge script can look like:

if [ "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" != "test" ]; then 
    exit 0;


git checkout master || exit
git merge "$TRAVIS_COMMIT" || exit
git push ... # here need some authorization and url

Next you can put in .travis.yml

after_success: ./merge_script.sh

More info:

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    in my experience, commands like git checkout some-branch will fail in Travis-CI.
    – tadasajon
    May 18, 2017 at 17:55

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