When issue the command gitbook serve, server will listen at tcp port 4000. How to customize the port ? Case is that: when to two books at same time, a collision happens.

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lrport defaul to 35729, port default to 4000.
So you can change both two ports and serve as many books as you want.



gitbook --lrport 35730 --port 4001 serve


gitbook --lrport 35731 --port 4002 serve


# gitbook help
    serve [book] [output]       serve the book as a website for testing
        --port                  Port for server to listen on (Default is 4000)
        --lrport                Port for livereload server to listen on (Default is 35729)
        --[no-]watch            Enable file watcher and live reloading (Default is true)
        --[no-]live             Enable live reloading (Default is true)
        --[no-]open             Enable opening book in browser (Default is false)
        --browser               Specify browser for opening book (Default is )
        --log                   Minimum log level to display (Default is info; Values are debug, info, warn, error, disabled)
        --format                Format to build to (Default is website; Values are website, json, ebook)

Specify port number flag. Ex: use port number 3000

gitbook --port 3000 serve
  • Thanks, zaynetro. You solved my problem. Could you please give me a link on what options do gitbook provide? I've search through github, but nothing useful found.
    – wanglf
    Mar 1, 2015 at 12:22
  • @wanglf, I actually just searched the code link
    – zaynetro
    Mar 1, 2015 at 14:19

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