I have the following code in WordPress

$testQuery = $wpdb->prepare("SELECT * FROM $table_name 
                             WHERE service_id = %d 
                             AND   token = %s" , $service_id, $token);
$testResult = $wpdb->get_results($testQuery,ARRAY_A);

echo "<pre>testQuery\n$testQuery\n";
echo "testResult: "; print_r($testResult);
echo "db error:" . $wpdb->last_error;
echo "</pre>";

When I copy-paste the result printed in my echo to phpmyadmin and run the query, it shows results, however, when running the query within wordpress, my $testResult is an empty array. $wpdb->last_error does not print any error message.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • echo "db error: . $wpdb->last_error; has a missing quote if that is your actual code. So change it to echo "db error: " . $wpdb->last_error; see if that pops up an error. – Funk Forty Niner Mar 1 '15 at 18:27
  • This is not the actual code I must say, I put something together that should display the message. I've tried echo $wpdb->last_error and $wpdb->show_errors(); $wpdb->print_error(); but no error message to be seen. – André van Schoubroeck Mar 1 '15 at 18:36

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