Lets imagine, I have a route defined like the following:

constraints MyRouteConstraint.new do
  get ':param/:param1/:param2', to: 'controller#action'

How can I get the pattern ':param/:param1/:param2' in my controller? I know there is Rails.application.routes.recognize_path "/param/param1/param2" but it raises an error 'No Route matches'


Rails.application.routes.router.recognize(request) do |route, matches, parameters|
  return route.path.spec.to_s if route.path.required_names.all? { |p| request.params.keys.include? p }

Not too sure if this is what you're looking for, this is meant to be used in your views.

You can try request.fullpath

Returns the String full path including params of the last URL requested.

# get "/articles"
request.fullpath # => "/articles"

# get "/articles?page=2"
request.fullpath # => "/articles?page=2"

See docs here:


  • no, i would like to get ':param/:param1/:param2' exactly. see update – Sergii Kushch Mar 5 '15 at 14:52

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