My app creates a PFUser in order to differentiate each sending devices. I am not using PFUser.enableautomaticuser() for some technical reason.

Also, I am using local datastore by calling Parse.enableLocalDatastore()

When internet is down and app fails to sign up using


it won't save this user locally either. The created PFUser is discarded, calling PFUser.currentUser() returns nil.

Then how to cache created user locally when internet is unavailable? Thank you very much!

  • How can you sign up to an Internet driven platform without the internet? Simply stop the users from progressing until they can successfully sign up with adequate Internet, can't log onto Facebook or Twitter without the internet much less sign up for it. But to answer your question how to cache created user , you can't. Because the user hasn't been created. – soulshined Mar 2 '15 at 6:27

I ended up using PFUser.enableautomaticuser() and then make changes to PFUser.currentUser().

At last I will attempt to signUp, if failed, I will call saveEventually() so that next user logs in. They will retain the previous PFUser reference, so that their information won't be lost in case the user starts the application without internet.

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