From thus link https://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.8/creator-project-cmake.html under line "The screenshot below shows how you can specify command line arguments to CMake for your project." there is screenshot showing wizard where I can pass Cmake command line arguments. Is it a way to set these arguments not there, but in cmake txt file?

For example if I want project to compile in release, every time I have to type there -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release, how can I set that I want project to be release mode in txt cmake file?


Before QtC 4 just pass it as string when you build the CMakeLists.txt.

Since QtC 4 "Tools" > "Options" > "Build & Run" > "Your kit" > "CMake configuration"

Add a line an rebuild. You can go the short way Ctrl+5 (Projects mode) > "Manage Kits...", too.



Try something like that in your CMakeLists.txt.


A few comments. Because cmake will cache the build type, you only need to set it when you change it. I use QtCreator on Linux with cmake and typically I either: 1) have separate build trees for a Release and Debug build, or 2) build everything as Release and then use Whitt's approach to set the build type to Debug for the few projects I need to interactively debug. When I have completely different build trees, I use QtCreator with the debug config, and then just use a terminal to build the release.

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