Suppose, I want to record say poll choices by users everyday. In this case, i have a table named vote which has columns poll , choice and user-id . So how can i out the constraint (maybe in the django models or wherever possible) that poll and user-id both should not be the same for any entry but like the same user can vote for various different polls once and obviously various users can vote for the same poll. I hope I am clear.


unique_together may be what you are looking for.


The unique_together attribute of the Meta class of your model is what you are looking for:

class Meta:
    unique_together = ('poll', 'user_id')

Check django docs for more information.


Django 2.2 introduced UniqueConstraint and the note in the official documentation on this topic suggests that unique_together might be deprecated in future.

You can add UniqueConstraint to the Meta.constraints option of your model class like so:

class Meta:
    constraints = [
        models.UniqueConstraint(fields=['poll', 'user_id'], name="user-polled")

You want the unique_together attribute: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/models/options/#unique-together

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