I have a person table where the name column contains names, some in the format "first last" and some in the format "first".

My query

SELECT name,
SUBSTRING(name FROM 1 FOR POSITION(' ' IN name) ) AS first_name
FROM person

creates a new row of first names, but it doesn't work for the names which only have a first name and no blank space at all.

I know I need a CASE statement with something like 0 = (' ', name) but I keep running into syntax errors and would appreciate some pointers.


Just use split_part():

SELECT split_part(name, ' ', 1) AS first_name
     , split_part(name, ' ', 2) AS last_name
FROM person;

SQL Fiddle.




 substring(name from '^([\w\-]+)') first_name,
 substring(name from '\s(\w+)$') last_name
from person


select (regexp_split_to_array(name, ' '))[1] first_name
     , (regexp_split_to_array(name, ' '))[2] last_name
from person

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