I am trying to use the google maps module but get the error message:

Script Error Couldn't find module: com.moshemarciano.googlemaps for architecture: i386

I installed the com.moshemarciano.googlemaps module using Titanium Studio and it looks to have been installed correctly in ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/iPhone along with some other modules I have that work fine.

In my tiapp.xml I have:

<module platform="iphone">com.moshemarciano.googlemaps</module>

In my app.js I have:

fb = require('facebook');
googleMapsAPI = require('com.moshemarciano.googlemaps');

The require for 'facebook' works fine but the require for 'com.moshemarciano.googlemaps' causes an error.

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


Check if tiapp.xml contains a reference to com.moshemarciano.googlemaps

    <module platform="android">com.moshemarciano.googlemaps</module>
  • Thanks Funtik. There is such a reference but it turns out it should be googleMaps rather than googlemaps! So all good now – Bill Noble Mar 10 '15 at 11:48

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