My npm version is 2.5.1 and my node version is 0.12.0. When I try to run npm init, I get the following error:

npm ERR! Invalid name: "donn&jul"

Here is the screenshot: npm init error screenshot.

Why is this happening?


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From the official NPM reference:

The name ends up being part of a URL, an argument on the command line, and a folder name. Therefore, the name can't contain any non-URL-safe characters.

I believe & is not url-safe.


I faced the same problem today and tried a lot of solutions but discovered that the problem was the project's primary folder name was the cause of the problem

here is my project's main folder before: Product Color Picker [Custom Widget] ERR! Invalid name: "product-color-picker-[custom-widget]"

here is after I changed the folder name and removed the brackets and the error is gone: Product Color Picker [Custom Widget]

Npm working fine with no errors

BTW, keep in mind that if you were in VSCode you will need to re-open the folder after changing its name from the system as it will appear broken with no files [because the original folder name you opened changes]

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