I have a form and have dropped a vertical scrollbar on it.

Whatever I set the "Maximum" property to, the scrollbar will only scroll up to that value minus 9.

Why is that?

I'm using C# in Visual Studio 2008. (WinForms)


After some research, I've found that a scroll bar can only go up to it's maximum minus the size of the scrollbar's slider.

And the size of the slider appears to be equal to (LargeChange - 1).

Doesn't seem very intuitive to me but there you go.

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    You got it right; I was about to say the same thing. The worst thing is that this strange design is completely undocumented. – Thomas May 21 '10 at 14:22
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    Good point on the documentation. And the -1 is a magic number as far as I'm concerned. Very sloppy on Microsoft's part for such a common control! – Kevin Laity May 21 '10 at 16:00

The default value of LargeChange property is 10. This value is used when scrollbar is incremented by clicking the right arrow. If you want to show all values (assuming 1,2,3,4,...) with mouse clicks, set LargeChange = 1

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