In Mono Develop 3.X, there is a menu option to configure exceptions we wish to break on (Run -> Exceptions). But with Mono Develop 5.7 IDE it is no longer there? Also Debugger is not breaking on exceptions.

Any idea How to get it back, probably some add-ins ?


Exception catchpoints are now in same dialog as breakpoints. You can open this dialog via

  • Run->New Exception Catchpoint
  • Breakpoints pad has button "New Exception Catchpoint"

What is nice about this is, you can use conditional and counting filters and different conditions/counts for different exceptions and also print debugging text(tracepoint) instead of breaking.

Most common use case is to add "System.Exception" and check "Include subclasses".

  • Thanks, This feature is cool with conditional breaking. – sivadas bs Mar 3 '15 at 12:20

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