I get this error when I try vagrant up (using last version of Homestead)

The host path of the shared folder is missing: ~/Code

here are my folders setup in .homestead/Homestead.yaml

    - map: c:\work\newvm\Code
      to: /home/vagrant/Code

Of course the directory c:\work\newvm\Code exists.

Also I searched for ~/Code all over the code and it only exist in the template used for generating .homestead/Homestead.yaml ( src/subs/Homestead.yaml ).

More than that, if I remove the folder part completely I get the same error!!!

Thanks in advance, Catalin


I read this and wasn't quite clear on the situation, so I thought I might help clarify. If you are getting this error, pull up your console and type:

cd ~
mkdir Code

Then you can try vagrant up from the appropriate location again.


Solved. The problem was that when running 'init.sh' git bash created the .homestead directory in my C:/Users/MyUser directory. I didn't realized that (stupid...) so I created the directory manually in my project folder. Needless to say that this folder and all my changes were ignored

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