We are using Backbone.js and having issues when running our WebDriver tests. We are getting the following error:

org.openqa.selenium.StaleElementReferenceException: Error Message => 'Element does not exist in cache'

Our understanding is that this is caused when we are finding an element, and executing an action on that element (e.g. click()). The element that we have found has gone 'stale', and we suspect that element has been re-rendered or modified.

We have seen lots of solutions that we are not keen on:

  1. Use Thread.Sleep(...). We don't want explicit sleeps in our code
  2. Using a retry strategy, either as a loop or try-catching the StaleElementReferenceException. We feel this is not the right/clean solution, and is prone to breaking in the future
  3. Some people are using WebDriverWait and waiting until some javascript function execution returns true. We have seen people wait for notifyWhenNoOutstandingRequests(callback) in Angular, but can't find anything obvious for Backbone.

We are hoping there is a clean solution that does not involve explicit sleeping, or some form of looping. Any thoughts?

  • Not too sure about this, but a potential jQuery equivalent to the angular method you mentioned is $.ajaxStop. It takes a function that executes when all ajax requests have returned and their success callbacks executed (meaning your page should be ready). – wrshawn Mar 6 '15 at 0:43
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I looked into WebDriverWaits a bit more and I think i've come up with a combination of expectations that works for us:


The refreshed expectation is a wrapper for other expectations that deals with StaleElementReferenceException, and the elementToBeClickable expectation checks the element is clickable. What is interesting is that looking at the source for the built in expectations, some of them deal with StaleElementReferenceExceptions, while others don't (e.g. presenceOfElementLocated) and need to be wrapped in the refreshed expectation, so I think that's what initially threw me off when I first looked at WebDriverWaits.

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