When users request a url that is not found, they are redirected to my custom error page. This custom error page takes the incorrect url passed as a parameter and compares it with a list of redirect urls I have on my server.

If a url is found in this list, they are then redirected to the appropriate url.

What is happening is IIS suddenly changes the way it produces the query string. When I look in the event viewer I notice that sometimes it shows up as:

UrlRedirect: /404_301.aspx?404;http://mysite.ca:80/blaaaah/ : BEGIN Processing URL

Other times: UrlRedirect: /404_301.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/blaaaah/404.aspx : BEGIN Processing URL

This is causing conflicts with how the URL is handled for my custom error page.

Does anyone know how IIS chooses to set the query string and how I can gain more control over this?

UPDATE: After determining that IIS and ASP.NET are both trying to handle the 404 and redirecting them in different ways, Is there a way to only allow ASP.Net to handle the 404 redirect?

.NET Redirect: Other times: UrlRedirect: /404_301.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/blaaaah/404.aspx : BEGIN Processing URL

IIS Redirect: UrlRedirect: /404_301.aspx?404;http://mysite.ca:80/blaaaah/ : BEGIN Processing URL

I only want to allow the .NET redirect.

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