I am planning to use WSO2 Identity Server as an Oauth2 provider. However the authentication is to be provided by my enterprise service which uses SOAP Protocol. Basically I have to send a username/password combination to my service and it provides an authentication response. I understand that I need to implement a custom authenticator but I am not sure how to plug into ws02 IS, having read some of the custom auth docs. The questions are the following

  1. Should I implement a LocalApplicationAuthenticator or FederatedApplicationHandler ?

  2. I understand there is a method called canHandle() in AuthenticationHandler but not sure what to write in my scenario.

  3. What are the various configurations that I need to apply to make custom authentication handler work?

  4. Can I build my custom authentication handler as a normal jar file since I am not comfortable building OSGI bundles?



I'd suggest to implement a custom user store, see:


there is a method 'doAuthenticate' you may implement as you see fit.

Have fun


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