im building an application in cakephp in multilingual, so for example when i am on homepage of application and i change the language it changes ok, but the problems appear when i am on an edit or view part for example:


and i change language from en to it in the edit view it redirects to:


but it doesent keep the passed parameter as it supposed to.

what should i do to make it work????

the link that i use to change lanugages are:

    echo "<ul>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('English', array('language'=>'en')) . "</li>"; 
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Italian', array('language'=>'it')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('German', array('language'=>'de')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Franch', array('language'=>'fr')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Spanish', array('language'=>'es')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Russian', array('language'=>'ru')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Chinesse', array('language'=>'zh')). "</li>";
    echo "<li>". $this->Html->link('Portuguese', array('language'=>'pt')). "</li>";
    echo "<ul>";

The rout that i use are:

/*** Languages */
Router::connect('/:language',array('controller' => 'properties', 'action' => 'index','home'),array('language' => '[a-z]{2}'));
Router::connect('/:language/:controller',array('controller' => 'pages','action' => 'index'),array('language' => '[a-z]{2}'));
Router::connect('/:language/:controller/:action/*', array('controller' => 'pages','action' => null), array('language' => '[a-z]{2}'));

And the function on the AppController that i call in beforeFilter is:

private function _setLanguage() {
        if ($this->Cookie->read('lang') && !$this->Session->check('Config.language')) {
            $this->Session->write('Config.language', $this->Cookie->read('lang'));

        } else if (isset($this->params['language']) && ($this->params['language'] !=  $this->Session->read('Config.language'))){
            $this->Session->write('Config.language', $this->params['language']);
            $this->Cookie->write('lang', $this->params['language'], false, '2 days');

Also i have overwriten the redirect method as follow on AppController:

public function redirect( $url, $status = NULL, $exit = true ) {
    if (!isset($url['language']) && $this->Session->check('Config.language')) {
        $url['language'] = $this->Session->read('Config.language');
  • I haven't used routes a lot but Router::connect('/:language/:controller/:action/*', array('controller' => 'pages','action' => null), array('language' => '[a-z]{2}')); looks to me like the id number is missing. So it doeas exactly what you tell it: example.com/it/item/edit instead of example.com/it/item/edit/1 If that cannot be fixed disable the language change for edit and views. That is cheating I know ;) – Calamity Jane Mar 5 '15 at 16:31

Change all your language switching links to be similar to this:

$passedArgs = $this->request->params['named'] + $this->request->params['pass'];

$this->Html->link('English', array('language'=>'en') + $passedArgs);
  • thanks a lot, this did the job.... – Johnny Mar 9 '15 at 7:43

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