We have data that is coming from external sources as below in csv file:


The data has date in one column and time in another column - I need to generate a time-stamp by combining those two columns together.

I am using csv filter to read the above data from file using below configuration in logstash - which is generating its own timestamp:

input {  
  file {
      path => "/root/data/import/Order.csv"
      start_position => "beginning"
filter {
    csv {
        columns => ["orderid","OrderDate","BusinessMinute","Quantity","Price"]
        separator => ","
output {  
    elasticsearch {
        action => "index"
        host => "localhost"
        index => "demo"
        workers => 1

How to make the combination of OrderDate + Business Minute as the @timestamp?


Use a mutate filter to combine the OrderDate and BusinessMinute fields into a single (temporary) field, then use the date filter and have it delete the field if it's successful.

filter {
  mutate {
    add_field => {
      "timestamp" => "%{OrderDate} %{BusinessMinute}"
  date {
    match => ["timestamp", "..."]
    remove_field => ["timestamp"]
  • When I use this code it adds a new field containing an exact string "%{OrderDate} %{BusinessMinute}"; not the actual fields. Any suggestions? – Antitribu Sep 1 '15 at 15:31
  • 1
    That indicates that you don't have any such fields set. If your date and time fields have different names you'll obviously have to adjust the example in the answer. – Magnus Bäck Sep 2 '15 at 8:11

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