I received this message when running the emulator:

[Window Title] Windows Phone Emulator

[Content] Windows Phone Emulator is unable to create the internal network switch:

Something happened while creating a switch: Failed while creating virtual Ethernet switch.

Switch create failed, name = '186E24AD-DE28-4C32-A93D-FF494B43B772', friendly name = 'Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch': %%3758096900 (0xE0000204).


Why it gives this error, and how could I fix it?


1.Go into Hyper V Manager.
2.Go into Virtual Switch Manager.
3.Create a new virtual switch called 'Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch'.
4.Set it's connection type to Internal.
5.Now launch the emulator. It should work.
(May be a reboot will be needed)

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    Thanks for your answer but this operation gives an error:[Window Title] Virtual Switch Manager for ADAVIDOAIEI [Main Instruction] Error applying Virtual Switch Properties changes [Content] Failed while creating virtual Ethernet switch. [Expanded Information] Switch create failed, name = '7EFC1D6C-7D33-4998-945F-67DA1D78028E', friendly name = 'Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch': %%3758096900 (0xE0000204). [^] Hide details [Close] – Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel Mar 7 '15 at 10:47

I had the same problem after digging for couple of hours finally I did this:

  1. Go to programs and features and turn of the hyper-v through "turn windows features on or off" then restart the computer and turn it on and restart the computer again to have a fresh hyper-v.
  2. Run cmd where Xde.exe is installed (usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft XDE\10.0.10240.0") and run command "Xde.exe -v sdcard.vhd"
  3. Run Xde.exe as administrator (you will get an error)
  4. Run visual studio and try to open emulator by deploy a project.

I don't know witch one fixed the problem but the problem goes away.


I uninstalled Oracle Virtual Box and Windows Phone Emulator works fine now, thanks.

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