Is there anyway to get Eclipse to automatically look for static imports? For example, now that I've finally upgraded to Junit 4, I'd like to be able to write:

assertEquals(expectedValue, actualValue);

hit Ctrl + Shift + O and have Eclipse add:

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;

Maybe I'm asking too much.


I'm using Eclipse Europa, which also has the Favorite preference section:

Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Content Assist > Favorites

In mine, I have the following entries (when adding, use "New Type" and omit the .*):


All but the third of those are static imports. By having those as favorites, if I type "assertT" and hit Ctrl+Space, Eclipse offers up assertThat as a suggestion, and if I pick it, it will add the proper static import to the file.

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    Ah - the trick is to simply add org.junit.Assert via New Type..., the .* is then implicit. – KomodoDave Aug 30 '12 at 13:01
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    Is it correct that auto-import Ctrl+Shift+o won't add the necessary import, and in fact you must hover the cursor and choose Add static import.. option? It's a shame the usual auto-import selection list dialog doesn't display. – KomodoDave Aug 30 '12 at 13:07
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    @J.Stoever - If you're using JUnit 4 you'll want to use the Hamcrest form: assertThat(value, is(expected)); – David Harkness Oct 5 '12 at 0:46
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    I tried this with Eclipse Kepler, but to no avail. I restarted Eclipse as well. No autocompletion, no static import choice when hovvering or pressing CTRL + 1. Anyone experienced this? – Magnilex Nov 20 '14 at 10:17
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    Intellij Idea supports this out of the box. Shame eclipse doesn't. – Neeraj Feb 22 '18 at 9:27

If you highlight the method Assert.assertEquals(val1, val2) and hit Ctrl + Shift + M (Add Import), it will add it as a static import, at least in Eclipse 3.4.

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    cmd-shift-M on the mac – Joshua Goldberg Oct 27 '11 at 14:58
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    In Eclipse Juno I've only managed to make it work if I highlight only the method and afterwards use the CTRL + SHIFT + M. – ktulinho Apr 25 '13 at 11:43
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    This should be the winner! – Clint Eastwood Aug 8 '13 at 10:09
  • Works also for static fields A.X -> X (hightly A.X and Ctrl + Shift + M). Thanks. Exactly what i wanted. – Eyad Ebrahim Sep 27 '13 at 13:19
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    Works for me on Luna. Make sure your cursor is on the right side of the period. Wish I had learned about this years ago! – HDave Aug 26 '14 at 17:53

Eclipse 3.4 has a Favourites section under Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content Assist

If you use org.junit.Assert a lot, you might find some value to adding it there.

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Not exactly what I wanted, but I found a workaround. In Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede), go to

Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content Assist

and check the checkbox for Use static imports (only 1.5 or higher).

This will not bring in the import on an Optimize Imports, but if you do a Quick Fix (CTRL + 1) on the line it will give you the option to add the static import which is good enough.

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From Content assist for static imports

To get content assist proposals for static members configure your list of favorite static members on the Opens the Favorites preference page Java > Editor > Content Assist > Favorites preference page.
For example, if you have added java.util.Arrays.* or org.junit.Assert.* to this list, then all static methods of this type matching the completion prefix will be added to the proposals list.

Open Window » Preferences » Java » Editor » Content Assist » Favorites

enter image description here

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For SpringFramework Tests, I would recommend to add the below as well


When you add above as new Type it automatically add .* to the package.

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Shortcut for static import: CTRL + SHIFT + M

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Select the constant, type

Ctrl + 1  (quick fix)

Select "Convert to static import." from the drop down.

"Quick fix" has options even though it is not an error.

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In Eclipse 4.9, you can static import existing invocations using a quick fix.

A new quick fix has been implemented that allows the user to convert static field accesses and static methods to use a static import. It's also possible to replace all occurrences at the same time.

More details here

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