How to "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content" in Meteor?

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  • have you tried fast-render? meteorhacks.com/introducing-fast-render.html
    – Max Hodges
    Apr 6 '15 at 9:32
  • 1
    Fast-render is not the solution for this problem. It only speed up rendering of the page, but rendering will have to wait for downloading all javascript files and in case of meteor it is ~1MB (or more if your application is complex)
    – ksopyla
    Apr 21 '15 at 13:30
  • Great question! You could probably use a combination of WebApp and Server-Side Rendering. I'm working on a solution, not sure if it's possible though. Will keep you updated.
    – halbgut
    Jun 16 '15 at 21:09
  • I'm working on a solution here. I created an example that pretty much works. But there's still a problem with HCR also it's a super ugly hack. So it's pretty useless. I'm still working on it tough. I might be able to find a good solution tomorrow. I'm looking at a lot of code in the Meteor core (which I haven't done before) so it's very time intensive.
    – halbgut
    Jun 17 '15 at 19:24
  • I found, what I think is an ok solution... But I still have a dependency resolution issue to solve. It seems, that the the order in which meteor is listing the dependencies in the manifest is somehow wrong. Anyway, I'm still working on it. Just wanted to keep you updated.
    – halbgut
    Jun 21 '15 at 20:04

The TruthTM

After implementing a working solution for this problem, I'd say that the rightTM answer to your question is: "No, that's just what you get for using such a complex javascript framework."

But it's still a fact that loading meteor can take over a minute, on slow networks. It is huge. That makes for an awful UX. So I think it would improve a meteor app overall to have something like a loading screen.

I'm writing a package kriegslustig:altboiler (I'll update this as soon as I do the first "major" release).


I documented the solution that I'm using in altboiler in this repo. It got pretty long, so here's a summary:

  • Use WebApp.connectHandlers
  • Loop through WebApp.clientPrograms[WebApp.defaultArch].manifest
  • Get all the URLs inside via AJAX
  • Buffer and then compile them into one single script tag
  • Insert that script tag into the head
  • And then finally self destruct the loader script

That way you won't get that error on Google Pagespeed.


You could serve a loading screen first or you could also render the whole site without the parts that need a connection to the server.


I expected this to load Meteor a lot slower, but in my initial test Meteor actually loaded faster. My test wasn't exactly scientific though. I simply loaded it in the Chrome emulator and throttled the connection to 50kbps. Also, I did this on a dev instance, so it was uncompressed. The results are still somewhat relevant though:

Without altboiler: 1.7min
With altboiler: 2.8min

The ajax requests only perform better when there are a lot of requests made. So presumably the impact on a bundled instance could range from slightly worse to slightly better.


It might intervene with the spiderable package, but I don't think so. I'll test it when I've written some tests for the package.

  • Thanks for this package. So if I use it I can expect the site to load slower? But it gives better user experience? Since with loads at 2.8min and without 1.7min
    – nilsi
    Feb 26 '16 at 5:45
  • And I wonder why not use the fastrender package for example instead of this?
    – nilsi
    Feb 26 '16 at 6:34
  • @nilsi that of course shouldn't happen. I probably could do some opimizations, I'll try it. Fastrender does something different. It sends data from collections along with the initial response.
    – halbgut
    Feb 26 '16 at 21:24

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