I observed the dataLayer array and I don't see any changes to push. No custom methods at all, actually. How is GTM observing the changes to the array? As far as I know, changes to an Array don't throw any events, do they?


I did some more research and found Google's library for interacting with the dataLayer: https://github.com/google/data-layer-helper#listening-for-messages
I'll take a look at the code and maybe even answer my own question if I understand the inner workings.

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Pattern used by GTM is publish / subscriber

Some details in code that helps to recognize it: line 76 and 181 of the https://github.com/google/data-layer-helper/blob/master/src/helper/helper.js

And finally line 114 and 119

// Add listener for future state changes.
  var oldPush = dataLayer.push;
  var that = this;
  dataLayer.push = function() {
    var states = [].slice.call(arguments, 0);
    var result = oldPush.apply(dataLayer, states);
    return result;

Take a look into states variable and how it is passed to this.processStates_()

  • Hi @Krzysztof. Is this library for dataLayer interaction part of the default GTM library itself ? I suppose the "processStates" function is the final handler for the data-to-be-sent requests ...? Thx. Apr 29, 2015 at 10:44
  • @Rik Yes - it is a part of GTM library. Second question – depends how you define "final" as helper.DataLayerHelper.prototype.processStates_ calls all listeners each time the model is updated. Any listener that watches for changes will be informed that change occurs. Apr 29, 2015 at 13:09
  • ..and (I carry on by myself) only if a tag firing rule is associated with that change, a request is made and data are sent..is this? My scenario consists in an ecommerce purchase event by a page-load dataLayer.push. This is a change, but no related request is done. Could the reason be that no event-firing rule (which should match "purchase") is associated with my Analytics tag ?? Thanks so much Apr 29, 2015 at 13:37

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