I'm trying to code a simple keyboard and want to implement the above mentioned 4 keys. In my keyboard.xml file, I've been defining the layout like this -

<Keyboard xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
        <Key android:codes="9" android:keyLabel="↹" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
        <Key android:codes="126,96" android:keyLabel="~`"/>
        <Key android:codes="95,45" android:keyLabel="_-"/>
        <Key android:codes="43,61" android:keyLabel="+="/>
        <Key android:codes="123,91" android:keyLabel="{["/>

I've been using ASCII codes inside android:codes. But I'm not sure what to do with the Ctrl, Alt, Delete and Shift keys. I have used -5 for Backspace as found here. But not sure how to implement the Delete key.

Are KEYCODE_ALT and KEYCODE_SHIFT the same as Alt and Shift? And I'm pretty much stuck with the Ctrl key as I can't find any reference to it in the doc. What silly thing am I missing?

Edit: If someone could throw in some pointers about the arrow keys, that'd be helpful too.


I have found a code snippet that shows all of keys that can be mapped.

<Keyboard xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
        <Key android:codes="49" android:keyLabel="1" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
        <Key android:codes="50" android:keyLabel="2"/>
        <Key android:codes="51" android:keyLabel="3"/>
        <Key android:codes="52" android:keyLabel="4"/>
        <Key android:codes="53" android:keyLabel="5"/>
        <Key android:codes="54" android:keyLabel="6"/>
        <Key android:codes="55" android:keyLabel="7"/>
        <Key android:codes="56" android:keyLabel="8"/>
        <Key android:codes="57" android:keyLabel="9"/>
        <Key android:codes="48" android:keyLabel="0" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
        <Key android:codes="113" android:keyLabel="q" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
        <Key android:codes="119" android:keyLabel="w"/>
        <Key android:codes="101" android:keyLabel="e"/>
        <Key android:codes="114" android:keyLabel="r"/>
        <Key android:codes="116" android:keyLabel="t"/>
        <Key android:codes="121" android:keyLabel="y"/>
        <Key android:codes="117" android:keyLabel="u"/>
        <Key android:codes="105" android:keyLabel="i"/>
        <Key android:codes="111" android:keyLabel="o"/>
        <Key android:codes="112" android:keyLabel="p" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
        <Key android:codes="97" android:keyLabel="a" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
        <Key android:codes="115" android:keyLabel="s"/>
        <Key android:codes="100" android:keyLabel="d"/>
        <Key android:codes="102" android:keyLabel="f"/>
        <Key android:codes="103" android:keyLabel="g"/>
        <Key android:codes="104" android:keyLabel="h"/>
        <Key android:codes="106" android:keyLabel="j"/>
        <Key android:codes="107" android:keyLabel="k"/>      
        <Key android:codes="108" android:keyLabel="l"/>
        <Key android:codes="35,64" android:keyLabel="\# \@" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
        <Key android:codes="-1" android:keyLabel="CAPS" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
        <Key android:codes="122" android:keyLabel="z"/>
        <Key android:codes="120" android:keyLabel="x"/>
        <Key android:codes="99" android:keyLabel="c"/>
        <Key android:codes="118" android:keyLabel="v"/>
        <Key android:codes="98" android:keyLabel="b"/>
        <Key android:codes="110" android:keyLabel="n"/>
        <Key android:codes="109" android:keyLabel="m"/>
        <Key android:codes="46" android:keyLabel="."/>
        <Key android:codes="63,33,58" android:keyLabel="\? ! :" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>   
    <Row android:rowEdgeFlags="bottom">
        <Key android:codes="44" android:keyLabel="," android:keyWidth="10%p"  android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>  
        <Key android:codes="47" android:keyLabel="/" android:keyWidth="10%p" />
        <Key android:codes="32" android:keyLabel="SPACE" android:keyWidth="40%p"android:isRepeatable="true"/>       
        <Key android:codes="-5" android:keyLabel="DEL" android:keyWidth="20%p" android:isRepeatable="true"/>
        <Key android:codes="-4" android:keyLabel="DONE" android:keyWidth="20%p" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>

As you can see there are no ASCII codes for ctrl or alt. I beleive that the CAPS (-1) on line 44 serves as a shift while DEL (-5) on line 59 works like backspace.


In response to your edit, there are no ASCII codes for the arrow keys. A full list can be found on http://www.asciitable.com/

Edit 2

After looking at your link, I have found that:

-1 = shift
-2 = changes keyboard mode (to show letters or symbols)
-3 = your link says KEYCODE_CANCEL. I am not sure what this is for.
-4 = Remove the keyboard from the screen (to stop typing)
-5 = Backspace
-6 = Alt

Edit 3

After doing some more research, it is possible to implement arrow keys, but I don't know how. I would suggest asking another question on the site, but specifically about the arrow keys.

  • I've seen this before. I dont think this list has all possible keys. E.g. -1 and -5 are listed in the url I provided. There are also several more keys in that list that's not here. So I'm hoping there can be more possible keys. Mar 7 '15 at 18:35
  • I know there are no ASCII codes for arrow keys. I'm looking for ways to implement them. ASCII or not. Mar 7 '15 at 18:42
  • I've already tried the codes from my url. -6 doesn't work as Alt. -5 is backspace, but I need Delete, i.e. delete after the cursor. Thanks for the effort. I'll update if I have any solution. Mar 7 '15 at 19:27

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