I have a Dockerfile with the following contents:

FROM <docker-registry>/<image>:latest
COPY mv setup /root/
RUN setup

When I do a docker-compose up -d, Docker pulls the image and executes the steps.

When I do a docker-compose stop and bring it back up, docker-compose dos not pull the latest image again. This is a problem for me as I will need a new image to be downloaded. The only way for me to do this is to blow up boot2docker vm and start over again.


You should use docker-compose pull command to pull remote image, use docker-compose build command to build local image, then use docker-compose up -d to recreate your container.

$ cd /path/to/folder

$ cat docker-compose.yml
  build: .
    - redis    
  image: redis

# pull lastest image
$ docker-compose pull redis

# build your image
$ docker-compose build myapp

# recreate containers
$ docker-compose up -d
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    The above steps will not recreate the container . you will have to do a "docker-compose build --no-cache" to recreate the containers – user1807948 Aug 13 '15 at 4:32

Docker Compose version 1.5.0rc1 can now pull latest images referenced in Dockerfiles on build by using docker-compose build --pull.

Before 1.5.0rc1 docker-compose could not force a Dockerfile service to get the latest image. I had to use docker pull <image>.

Once the new imaged has been pulled, then you can rebuild with docker-compose build. Cache should be totally invalidated because step 0's FROM hash has changed, if the image has changed.

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