The info on logging from pyspark found in this question How to turn off INFO logging in PySpark? is not working for me: the logging is not happening.

I am familiar with setting up logging in pyspark from a locally built spark. I am however using the cloudera spark now. I have set a RollingFileAppender within the


which is the correct thing to do according to the docs:


Configuring Logging
Spark uses log4j for logging. You can configure it by adding a 

log4j.properties file in the conf directory. One way to start is to copy the existing log4j.properties.template located there.

But that is not taking effect: no logging files are created in the destination directory.


It appears that the specific problem were due to one of the libraries Zookeeper does not use the setting for log4j.properties provided by SPARK_HOME. Instead ZK picks up the first log4j.properties on the classpath

The solution was to copy the log4j.properties already in the $SPARK_HOME/conf dir to the $HADOOP_CONF_DIR. Then the logging behaved as anticipated.

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