With Propel2 and MySQL/InnoDB, I want to execute a fulltext query on the VARCHAR columns title and director of a table movies. In plain SQL this would read

    MATCH(title, director) AGAINST("big lebowski" IN NATURAL LANGUAGE MODE);

How can this query be constructed with the Propel2 framework?

Note on creating a FULLTEXT index in schema.xml

I succeeded in creating the FULLTEXT index with the Propel2 schema.xml file by including:

<index name="fulltext">
  <index-column name="title"/>
  <index-column name="director"/>
  <vendor type="mysql">
    <parameter name="Index_type" value="FULLTEXT"/>

All that's missing is the query. :) Any ideas?

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You can use the following code:

$movies = MovieQuery::create()
    -> where('MATCH(Movie.title, Movie.director) AGAINST(? IN BOOLEAN MODE)',
             'big lebowski')
    -> find();

See the Propel documentation.

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