I goggled but I cannot determined what are the difference between endpoint and gateway. Based on their definition, they seems alike.

Description of Endpoint

What is Web Service Gateway? Web Service Gateway is a server-side application that opens a communication channel between Bentley’s Apps for mobile devices and Bentley’s project information management systems.

Description of Web Service

Web services expose one or more endpoints to which messages can be sent. A web service endpoint is an entity, processor, or resource that can be referenced and to which web services messages can be addressed. Endpoint references convey the information needed to address a web service endpoint. Clients need to know this information before they can access a service.



The endpoint is a connection point where HTML files or active server pages are exposed. Endpoint is the URL where your service can be accessed by a client application. The same web service can have multiple endpoints. An end point indicates a specific location for accessing a service using a specific protocol and data format.


An service Gateway provides a central access point for managing, monitoring, and securing access to your publicly exposed web services. It would also allow you to consolidate services across disparate endpoints as if they were all coming from a single host. A service gateway encapsulates all the details of accessing the service into a single component and hides the component behind an interface that has no direct dependencies on the underlying communications channel.

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