i'm using Android Studio version 1.1.0 and every time i want to build my app, Android Studio is freezing. I have to close the program over my task manager.

I know that Gradle is guilty but i can't read the Gradle build messages. Is there a log file anywhere? I can't find something. I'm a OS X user. Thanks.

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I've found similar thread here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/28616214/1150795. There's an example with connectedCheck command, but in your case, you can simply use build command and build your project via CLI like that:

./gradlew build -i 2>&1 | tee file.txt

I've checked it with Android Build Tools 1.1.0 on Linux (Ubuntu). It works and it should work on OS X as well. Log from Gradle will be saved in file.txt file.

You can also run clean command before when something will go wrong with your build.

./gradlew clean build -i 2>&1 | tee file.txt

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